Matt Riddle On Dana White – “F*ck That Dude, He’s An As*hole!”, & More – Video


In a bonus clip from the upcoming Matt Riddle documentary (via FloSlam), Matt Riddle discussed his former UFC boss Dana White. Riddle said,

“Ya know, I get this question a lot and sometimes I’m like, ‘Oh, f—, that dude, Dana White,’ ya know? Because, he is an a–hole. He was really cold-blooded towards me, ya know, and if you think about it, like the situation I’m in, if you knew one of your employees had their third child and was still doing good work, but failed a drug test again, like, maybe he needs help? Ya know, maybe ya go another route with this, right? You know, but he went the route that he did, called me a ‘Loser’ and did all that.”

For those unaware, Riddle was fired from UFC in 2013 after failing multiple drug tests for marijuana.

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