Matt Riddle Says Him & Brock Lesnar Have A Similar Style Of Wrestling


Former UFC fighter turned wrestler, Matt Riddle, recently joined’s “The List and Ya Boy” podcast to speak on a number of pro-wrestling topics. During the podcast, Riddle stated that him and the current WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar, have similar in-ring styles due to both of their backgrounds in UFC. Riddle also touched on how WWE could benefit from a more physical style of wrestling.

Check it out:

Riddle“I think Brock Lesnar is watching my matches and taking notes. It’s making him millions. It’s a more physical style; the hits are stronger, the strikes are stronger and it looks great on television. I feel like for live audiences, it’s a little harder, but you add a little bit of ‘indy style’ in there too with the hard hitting strikes, you have the best match of all time.”

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