Maven Says D-Von Dudley Hated Him When He First Joined WWE, More


During a recent interview with the “Table Talk with D-Von” podcast, former WWE Superstar Maven commented on his issues with D-Von Dudley when he first joined WWE after winning Tough Enough. He said,

“He hated me. He can say what he wants, [but] he hated me. So I don’t know how he tells the story, but let me tell you the truth. So I come out of Tough Enough and I’m young. And I’m already terrified. Like, I’m literally in a full locker room with as many alpha males as you can possibly imagine being in one location. I was scared to death, I was like 23, 24 years old. And you know, all I wanted to do was to just have people earn respect for me, that was it. D-Von comes out of a match, I don’t know who him and Bubba were working. But he comes down, he walks down past Gorilla position. And I go, ‘Hey D-Von, good match.’ And this was his reaction. [Scoffs]. And he kept moving. Not a thank you, not a, ‘What did you like about it.’ Not even a slap!”

D-Von followed up on Maven’s comments, saying, “It was me and Bubba vs. The Rock in a singles match. And me and Rocky were in the ring. And for some reason, there’s one simple spot we couldn’t get right for the life of us. We could not get it right, and we kept messing up and messing up. ANd of course, when I look back at it later on the next day it didn’t look so bad. But you know what is supposed to happen and it didn’t happen, and we kept trying to go back to the wheel and keep doing it, and as far as I was concerned it sucked. It was bad. So we’re at a bar called Vocals in Montreal. So Maven’s standing up there, so I just figured I’d go get me my drink and go back and sit down. Mave’s like, ‘Yeah, hell of a match, good match.’ I just looked at him and said ‘[Scoffs] Yeah, okay Tough Enough kid’ and walked off”

Maven responded, saying, “Imagine how terrifying that was coming off of Tough Enough, already having people angry at you for the way you got into the business. And then nothing but A-type personality dudes. It was terrifying. It was probably one of the most terrifying moments of my life.”

(h/t – 411 Wrestling)

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