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NewsMaven Says Taz Busted His Eardrums In His First WWE Match

Maven Says Taz Busted His Eardrums In His First WWE Match



Maven’s first wrestling match was a painful one, as Taz busted his eardrums in the bout.

The WWE alumnus partook in the inaugural season of WWE’s Tough Enough reality series, and he recalled the painful encounter on his latest YouTube video.

“The very first match I ever had was against Taz. The spot called for an open hand slap to which Taz hit me on the ear, busting my eardrums.

Granted, I was prepared for it. I knew it was coming, but John obviously wasn’t. He didn’t have any clue that any physicality was coming. Was Dave in the wrong? Of course, he was. I think, you know, the subsequent lawsuits that fell upon Dave and the WWE showed exactly how wrong he was, but I mean he did get his point across. I guess my only question for John Stossel would be, ‘After the first slap, what the hell made you stand there for the second one if you didn’t like the first one?’”

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