Michael Elgin Talks ROH Title Tournament, Toronto, More


Credit: MondayNightMayhem.com

Michael Elgin recently spoke about ROH in Toronto, the ROH Title Tournament and more. Here are the highlights…

His thoughts on Paul London’s return to Ring of Honor, what it’s going to be like for the two of them to square off at “All-Star Extravaganza V” this Saturday night in Toronto, and why he needs to be prepared when the two collide: “Paul London is a true legend of Ring of Honor. I know he didn’t have the longest run when he was here, but the matches he put on were absolutely phenomenal. It is always good to be in the ring with someone like that who paved the way for such a good company. I know he is a tough opponent, and he is a top notch talent. Paul London could definitely be a roadblock if I’m not prepared for him.”

Why he believes the Ring Of Honor World Title Tournament (that he is a part of) is unpredictable, the quality of its overall talent, and why “everybody has a chance of winning the title”: “You know, I really feel that Ring of Honor has come up with 16 of the best wrestlers you will see anywhere. Everybody is going to be a hard opponent, and everybody has a chance at winning the title. So you have to look out every round. You never know who you have to wrestle. Everyone is so good in this tournament.”

What it means for him to truly “give back” this Friday, with Ring of Honor’s visit to Buffalo’s Women’s and Children’s Hospital: “You know, I absolutely love it. When I was a kid, all I could think about was pro wrestling. To be in the position where I could meet children, or adults, or whomever may be a wrestling fan is a great moment, because that is all I ever wanted. To be the person who gets to do that, words simply cannot really describe it. It is a great thing.”

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