Mick Foley Speaks Out – Rock/Cena, WrestleMania Moments


Mick Foley recently spoke with Wrestling Voice Radio about Rock vs. Cena, WrestleMania Moments and more. Here are the highlights…

Rock or Cena?: “I have no idea, I think Cena is going to take it. I don’t know how fans are going to react, either way you’re going to upset a lot of people but the best way to ensure everybody leaves happy is to tear the house down and have a great match.”

How Important is Getting a WrestleMania Moment?: “It is big, (without it) it’s like being a great football player without winning the Superbowl, people always question can you win the big one and there was a sense that I had played it safe at WrestleMania’s and doing things I knew would work without taking chances to do something special. There’s a lot of pressure for guys, they put it on themselves and that’s why it’s such an amazing event. People come from all around the world because they know nobody will play it safe and give their all and put it all on the line and we’re just going to keep trying to force ourselves into the best possible WrestleMania.”

His Favorite WrestleMania Moment: “I think I’ve got three, the first; when I refereed the main event of WrestleMania 15, at least I refereed the end of it. I came off the stretcher from the hospital after Big Show had literally squashed me. Austin and Rock in the main event and I came at the end of the match and made the 3 count and what made that match so phenomenal for me was it was officially the loudest reaction I’ve ever been a part of, even though it wasn’t my match it was mind blowing how into the match the crowd was, how over both guys were, perfect opponent for each other and I got the ‘thanks kid’ from Stone Cold right after the three count so even though it wasn’t my match, I was still part of one of the greatest matches in WrestleMania history.

The second one, is my moment, with Edge at WrestleMania 22 and in a way the stuff that Cody is doing with Big Show is similar to what Edge was doing with me, calling me out that I’ve never had that great WrestleMania moment and although my moment came three seconds before I was defeated I still think going through that table caught in flames and smelling the burnt hair and the blood and hearing the three count knowing that I had done something special was my big WrestleMania moment.

My third one, is as a fan, I didn’t see the match as it was happening but I heard the rumblings about Steamboat and Savage (at WrestleMania 3) and that match had the great build with Hogan and Andre and it got a lot of attention, it was 1987 so I knew quite a bit about wrestling and I had friends who were knowledgable about it but at that time people didn’t speak openly about work-rate or great workers but I heard from my friends that this was a match that I need to see and to this day either that or Austin and Bret Hart (at WrestleMania 13) is the best WrestleMania match that I’ve ever seen, it was just phenomenal they really set the bar on what a great 15/16 minute match could be, a match that is always thought of as a real classic but those guys they just devoured all the stops and set the bar pretty high for years to come.”

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