Mickie James Talks Lack Of Respect In WWE & Trash Bag Incident


During a recent appearance on Busted Open Radio, Mickie James looked back on her career in WWE. She also addressed the infamous incidents of receiving her gear and items in trash bags, which happened to her after both WWE runs. Below are some highlights (via WrestlingInc.com):

Mickie James on the trash bag incidents with WWE:

“The first time I got let go and I received my stuff like that, it broke my heart,” James said. “It like totally, it hit me in a different way. Because I truly believed that was my dream job, I had worked so hard to get there. My dream was taken away, I was heartbroken, I was crushed. And now I get my stuff and my trash bag and my box, and it’s ‘this is just a complete statement of what they think of me.’ This time looking at it I go, ‘yeah they still do this.’ But in reality of, all the things of me trying to come back, me not being able to come back. Being asked to be a producer or an agent, which is an awesome role if that’s the kind of thing you like to do. That is a great role. But all I wanted was an out, or something like that before I stepped over into a position like that. Because you know, when you’re playing player/coach, you always have this feeling of like ‘oh there might just be this one last time or one last thing. This unfinished business kind of thing.’

“I just kind of come to the conclusion that I wasn’t going to get that. I wanted to do, like an all female branded thing, an all female kind of thing, cause we have all the facilities and all the talent and all these things. Maybe I could do something like that and help lead that up, because I personally believe women’s wrestling makes money. I kind of felt in my heart it was coming, because I felt like we were not, and it’s just me. There are certain things I’m willing to compromise on and certain things that I can’t. And it’s just, on a soul level, I wasn’t willing to compromise my happiness, or what I wanted out of the business. To where I felt I was truly giving something that was special. That’s it. So it just felt like that’s where we were at. And you know, the business doesn’t compromise with you or me, and it doesn’t have to. So there you go.”

Mickie James on not feeling respected enough during her last WWE run:

“I try to stay humble and I feel very respectful in a lot of situations. But I felt a lot of that. I don’t deserve, like, had I not put up with enough s–t at this point twenty some years in the business? Granted I was in the company for fifteen years. But I think it’s because I’ve been wrestling on television for fifteen years. If you think about it, I didn’t win the championship once in my last four and a half years there, not once. I was kind of in the title picture, but it never really had a pay off or anything like that. It was just kind of, I don’t know. I don’t know.”

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