Mike Bennett Talks Upcoming Reach For The Sky Ladder Match At ROH Supercard Of Honor


Ahead of the upcoming Reach For The Sky Ladder Match scheduled for ROH Supercard of Honor, Mike Bennett shared a clip of himself preparing for the marquee four-way tag team bout.

The ladder match will determine the winner of the ROH Tag Team Championships vacated by Mark Briscoe and the late Jay Briscoe, and Bennett referenced The Briscoes in his clip.


You can check out some highlights from Bennett’s video below:

On the tone of the past months for himself: “It’s been a really long and hard few months. I’ve been dealing with my emotions and I don’t know quite how I feel, but tonight when I put on this Briscoe Brothers shirt and a dog collar around my neck… for the first time in a long time I felt alive.”

On the history his team had with The Briscoes: “When it was The Kingdom vs. The Briscoe Brothers from 2014 and 2015, I felt alive, and I need to feel alive because, on March 31st, we’re gonna reach for the sky, boy.”

On the scope of the upcoming match in his mind: “This ladder match, the Ring of Honor tag belts… It’s bigger than wrestling to The Kingdom. This is about [Jay Briscoe], the man who made my career… March 31 is bigger than wrestling.”

The video was originally shared on social media by Bennett’s wife, Maria Kanellis-Bennett, who also wrote:

“Mike sent this to me last night and didn’t know if he should put it out there but I think his thoughts represent all our thoughts about next Friday. #SupercardOfHonor Reach for the Sky Boys… #THEKingdom
@RealMikeBennett @MattTaven @aew @ringofhonor”

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