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MLW Announces First PPV – Saturday Night SUPERFIGHT for November


We have learned via an exclusive from Sports Illustrated, that MLW will hold its first official Pay-Per-View event in November.

Savio Vega Set to Debut for MLW in New York City

The show, called Saturday night SUPERFIGHT, will be held on November 2nd in Chicago, Illinois. In an effort to make a real standout impression on the paying consumer, Court Bauer has revealed that this event will only be $19.95 on all major cable markets:

“This is a chance for MLW to make a statement. We want to give value to our fans. That’s why we’re charging only $19.95.
“This year has been about expanding into live programming. The evolution of a promotion is to produce more live content, and another milestone for us is pay-per-view. And now, we’re going to get there with Saturday Night SuperFight on November 2.”

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