WWE Bray Wyatt

Morale In WWE Has Reportedly Taken A Huge Hit After Bray Wyatt’s Release


After Bray Wyatt was released by WWE on Saturday, more details on his release began to emerge throughout the day. The reason stated by multiple sources for Wyatt’s release was “budget cuts“. This was despite Wyatt being known to be a top merchandise seller whenever he was an active member of the roster.

According to a new report from Fightful Select, nearly 20 members of staff (roster, backstage personnel, employees) reached out directly voicing their frustration. Many of whom believed there had to be something more than just “budget cuts” influencing the decision to release Wyatt. The report directly stated that, “A consensus was almost nobody in the company truly believed that this was a budget cut.”

The decision to release Bray Wyatt has also reportedly had an effect on several stars within the company. Several long-time stars have said that they, “don’t feel like their jobs are safe anymore.” This was reportedly regardless of their positions on the card or if they had received pushes.

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