More On Kurt Angle’s Injury & TNA Issues


UPDATE x 3: As previously reported, Kurt Angle had problems with TNA executive John Gaburick as he didn’t think he should do a run-in at the Manchester iMPACT! tapings when he was written out of storylines the day before and he was already working hurt.

A source has noted that Angle must be “in really bad shape” as it’s rare for him not to want to work even if he’s hurt. He usually keeps any and all injuries to himself and wants to work through them.

UPDATE x 2: While it was reported yesterday that Kurt Angle got into a big argument with TNA Executive John Gaburick, following Angle being “attacked” and written out of storylines on one set of tapings, only to be asked to do a run in and then book him for the Lockdown PPV the following next night. Angle is now denying those reports, stating the following…

“Reports couldn’t be any less true. I did not argue with Big (John Gaburick). Everything is fine.”

We have 100% confirm that Angle raised his voice to Gaburick backstage at the TV tapings. Following the backstage argument, the two were able to put the issues behind them the following day. It was basically a case of Angle becoming angry and then cooling off and later apologizing.

It is also begin reported that got into it with yet another TNA talent during the UK tour, this time it was Eric Young. Following the Monster’s Ball match between Young and Abyss, which was tapes for iMPACT! this week, Young reportedly got read the riot act from Gaburick for taking too long to get out of the ring after the bout. This was because TNA had several segments still to tape. Young vented on Gaburick, but the two later talked about the incident, and decided to put it behind them.

UPDATE: As noted earlier today here on the website, TNA star Kurt Angle was scheduled to undergo surgery in late January, however with Jeff Hardy and Sting not going on the company’s U.K. tour, Angle’s surgery was pushed back so that he could fill-in on the tour.

During the television taping in Glasgow, Scotland this past week, an angle was shot that saw Angle get beat down with steel chairs, which was seemingly the company’s way of writing him out of the storylines. The following day in Manchester, Angle was told by the TNA creative team that he was scheduled to do a run-in segment. Angle reportedly flipped out as a result, as he had already been written out of storylines and because he had been working despite doctor’s orders not to.

John Gaburick was said to be the one that Angle flipped out to, and in the end, Angle did not work the taping that night in Manchester. According to sources, Angle “completely lost it” on Gaburick.

Angle did his Hall Of Fame induction the next day in London, and set up a probable Lockdown match against Ethan Carter III. As a result, it appears that TNA is expecting Angle to work the pay-per-view without having the surgery he needs.

ORIGINAL: The following picture of Kurt Angle in a wheelchair has made it online. It was taken while Angle was in the UK during their tour. Whether this is because of Angle’s previously-reported injury or selling the storyline of his attack isn’t yet known.

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