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More On The Incident Between Don Callis & A ‘Fan’ At AAA TripleMania: Tijuana



As we reported on Sunday here on eWn, there was an incident involving Don Callis being tackled to the ground following the AAA TripleMania: Tijuana event on Saturday night.

While the original reports stated that it was a “fan” who attacked Callis, that is not the case. The person who wound up taking Callis down was actually a security guard who apparently wasn’t informed of an angle being filmed beforehand. There were said to have been no fans in the vicinity of the area where the attack angle took place.

While Callis is “not believed to have been injured,” he was far from happy that the incident took place in the first place. It was said that everyone else knew what was going to be taking place – except for this one particular guy.

In a video of the incident, which you can see below, Callis steps in to kick Omega. A member of security then makes him back off, before tackling him to the ground. It is said that Callis’ shirt was torn and Konnan eventually stepped in. As the security guy backs off, Callis can he heard saying, “What the f**k is going on here? Jesus Christ.” It was said that he was not a happy camper as he walked off.

Callis has since returned to the United States and is said to be doing okay.

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