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NewsNathalie Mamo Has No Intention To Wrestle For WWE

Nathalie Mamo Has No Intention To Wrestle For WWE



The host of WWE Wal3ooha in the United Arab Emirates, Nathalie Mamo has been part of WWE premium live events that have emanated from Saudi Arabia. The on-screen television personality has interviewed several Superstars and sports athletes to date.

Speaking on the Jad Mbarak Show, Mamo addressed whether she would ever consider competing in a WWE ring as an active wrestler. She said,

“No. I wouldn’t trust…one, it doesn’t fall under the umbrella of what I want to be. Maybe to do it for one match, maybe I would consider it. I want to know…I’ve been behind the scenes and I know how it goes. Logan Paul, he did one of the biggest WWE matches in Saudi, but he’s been training for like the entire year and he did one hell of a performance. Maybe I would do it for one match. I would maybe do it, but this is not something I would like to do every single…it doesn’t fall under the message I want out of what I do.”

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