Sunday, May 26, 2024
NewsNew Clue in the Roman Reigns Whodunnit Angle (PHOTO)

New Clue in the Roman Reigns Whodunnit Angle (PHOTO)



The mystery attacker angle with Roman Reigns that has played out over the last seven days has sparked a lot of interest within the mine’s of all wrestling fans as we tried to piece together who is looking to injure Roman Reigns in such a way.

Some fans on social media have unearthed an interesting clue. During the recap of last week’s attack that was played on Raw yesterday, a brief image of Rowan can be seen.

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Rowan can be seen in a black hoodie walking away from the wreckage. This adds to the speculation that Daniel Bryan, Rowan close associate, is the man behind the malicious attacks on Roman:

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