The New Day Says They Want To “Freebird” A Singles Title


Former WWE Tag-Team Champions & New Day members Big E & Kofi Kingston spoke with SportsKeeda and during their conversation, Big E & Kofi spoke on the possibility of them “free-birding” a singles title. For those who are not aware, the “freebird” rule applies when a team that consists of more than two members can alternate who will defend the championship/s etc.

Here’s what The New Day had to say:

Big E: “You never know.”

Kofi: “You never know. The thing about singles titles is when one of us is champion, we are all champions. So it’s in the cards. There’s a lot of championship titles out there that need to be won and we like winning. So, we’ll see. Like I always say, you never know what’s gonna happen.”

Big E: “It’s true and I think it would be fresh. I think to have a trio ‘Freebird’ a singles title. That would be cool. It’s something we’ve talked about many times, and we’re ready to shake things up.”


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