Nick Aldis Reveals The Reason For NWA Powerrrr Paywall


As many of you know by now, NWA Powerrr will once again be returning to YouTube so fans will be able to watch the show for free. After the NWA returned from hiatus, the show was only available on for $4.99 a month.

During a recent appearance on “Busted Open Radio”, Nick Aldis commented on why the NWA felt the need to put the show behind a paywall after their return. He said,

“The paywall thing, we knew right from the beginning that it wasn’t ideal. It’s just, we were in a position at that point where we weren’t funded by a giant organization or someone with endless resources. Obviously, Billy has committed his own substantial personal wealth to fund this thing. As a fledgling promotion in the position we were in, it was very hard to accept that we were going to have to slow the momentum down. Ultimately, the decision was made for survival. Billy and I, from day one of our relationship, we believed that the NWA has a place and that it was going to take time. We never believed in trying to hot shot anything or trying to make a big loud noise or jump in because the resources would be impossible to go toe to toe with the giants that were doing that. We wanted to protect our USP and slowly but surely build a strong and loyal fanbase and the NWA fan has been that. To do that, we need the eyeballs.“

(h/t – Fightful)

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