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Nick Wayne Speaks On Whether AEW Will Impact His GCW Appearances, More


Nick Wayne, who is a sixteen-year old and third generation star, already has a contract waiting for him in AEW when he turns 18.

During a recent appearance on the “All Real Wrestling” podcast, Wayne discussed the goals he has for himself inside and outside of the ring. Wayne is the son of Buddy Wayne, a Pacific Northwest wrestling legend. Following in his father’s footsteps, Wayne looks to make a mark in the wrestling world when he finally signs with a major promotion. Wayne has already been featured regularly at GCW events.

You can see a few highlights from the podcast below:

On if he will have to wrestle less for GCW once he joins AEW at 18: “Possibly? I know you see some AEW guys still appear on independent shows. But I — that’s something that i have to find out once I turn 18, so I’m not sure yet. But I’m trying to make the most of it as i can right now, I have about 300 something days left on the independents, so every match I have, I just want to make the most of it in this last year.”

On which companies he still wants to compete in that he hasn’t: “PWG is one that I haven’t performed for yet, but I’d absolutely love to. PWG introduced me to a majority of the independent wrestlers I know now, PWG is a promotion I started watching when I was eight years old, and I had a wrestling student at my dad’s school that would get us the full shows. And I would watch these full shows and just be mind-blown by the stuff that these guys were doing. So yeah, PWG introduced me to a lot of people that I know now… so I definitely love to do PWG at some point. Maybe even participate in the Battle of Los Angeles next year, that would be really cool. Destination-wise for the future, I would love to spend some time in New Japan Pro Wrestling, and a very big goal is compete in the Best of the Super Juniors. That’s a very big goal of mine.”

On his AEW goals: “AEW, since that’s where I’m heading once I turn 18, I would love to spend as much time as I can there. I would love to do everything there is to do in AEW, whether that be their World Title, their [TNT] Title, or their Tag Team Title, I want to do everything. I want to wrestle their top guys, Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, I want to do everything there is to possibly do in AEW.”

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