Nikki Cross Talks Her Character, What Is SAnitY Trying To Prove, Triple H As A Boss & Much More


SAnitY member, the outlandish Nikki Cross recently talked with The Scottish Sun about being a native of Glasgow, she went over what does SAnitY believe in and what was her character like before heading to the WWE.

Here are the highlights: (if you are going to use these quotes, please give credit to The Scottish Sun with an H/T to eWrestlingNews for the transcriptions)

Nikki Cross On Where Does The Character That We See On NXT Come From:

“The personality on television is an exaggerated part of who I am; a very, very, very exaggerated side. The person on TV is playful, likes getting into fights and enjoys watching the boys run roughshod on NXT, so there’s nothing I’m playing pretend at. It’s all coming from something inside of me, it’s not like the cameras roll and stop and I’m a different person. It’s a hyperactive, playful, mean and aggressive person, it’s me anyway. I don’t have to switch on and off. Being from Glasgow, we love to have fun and love a good fight so for me, that’s what the character does.”

What Does SAnitY Believe In & What Are Their Goals:

“We believe in chaos and creating chaos, we thrive in that environment. Our goal is to be nuts and when fans see us, we’re unpredictable. You never know what’s going to happen. Fans join in on this Purge-like move and we see people in our t-shirts who want to join our mob. We love The Purge and with a lot of the things we do, we look into ourselves and act that out. It’s so much fun and the creativity we have is so freeing, I could be laughing my head off one minute and wanting to rip someone’s off the next, it’s all extremes.”

Her Character On The Independent Scene Before Heading To The WWE:

“Before I wrestled for WWE, my character on the independent scene was delusional and arrogant, but I never thought I was a baddie, although I did always get booed. The role of the villain is something I’ve done a lot but I’ve also played the other side where people like me and cheer me. As long as I’m in the ring performing, I’m happy no matter what.”

Nikki Cross On The Possibility Of Being The First Scottish NXT Women’s Champion:

“It’s mental, you kind of pinch yourself and think surely there’s been another Scottish girl. With being the first Scottish woman in WWE, hopefully I’m not going to be the last.”

Nikki Cross On Triple H:

“NXT is Triple H’s baby and we couldn’t ask for a better boss, he’s very hands on; If you have a question, you can go to him and he’s happy to answer it. He’s so approachable and for me, he’s the best boss. We want to do him proud and ourselves proud.”



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