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David Finlay Says Nic Nemeth Is BCWD’s Next Target, Hechicero Challenges Zack Sabre Jr.



David Finlay made a bold statement following Bullet Club War Dogs’ victory over United Empire at NJPW ‘The New Beginning’ in Osaka.

Finlay declared that his faction runs NJPW and that his next target would be Nic Nemeth.

He said, “I think the only thing left to say is War Dogs absolutely run this s**t. Do you see the lengths we will go to to take over this entire industry? Eight, nine, ten days’ time, Nic Nemeth, you, my friend, are next.”

Finley later tweeted,

“64 minutes in a cage and I walked out as victor. I’ve won the war. Ospreay is gone. War Dogs run New Japan. All is right in the world. You’re welcome.

– The Goat Slayer.

#bcwardogs #njpw #njnbg #md4r”

On Monday, CMLL wrestler Hechicero competed at Fantasticamania, teaming up with Rocky Romero and Soberano Jr. to beat Templario, Volador Jr & Atlantis Jr.

Following the match, Hechicero cut a promo in which he called for a match with Zack Sabre Jr. He said,

“Ladies and gentlemen, CMLL is back in Japan for Fantastica Mania. Myself (Hechicero), Soberano Jr & “Azucar” Rocky Romero proved that Thebes Tecnicos (Volador Jr & Atlantis Jr) had to back themselves with Templario, who is a rudo. While I am at it, Zack Sabre Jr said that he wanted to go to Arena Mexico, that he was the best technical wrestler, and that he was going to kick Hechicero’s ass.”

He continued, “Zack Sabre, it has been six years since I last saw you. Hechiceor always evolves day by day, I am a very different wrestler than you have met in the past. Congratulations on your match against Bryan Danielson last night, it was a great match, but the best technical wrestler is here and it is Hechicero, so stop fighting for who is the best because I am here. I came to Japan to fight whenever you want.”

Sabre Jr. defeated Bryan Danielson at NJPW ‘The New Beginning’ in Osaka.

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