Notes on Ultimate Warrior, Jeff Bowler, Scott Hall, and more from New Orleans


I am in New Orleans and was able to stop by the WWE hotel.

The Ultimate Warrior is in New Orleans. From what I’ve heard from fans, he has been very gracious with fans that come up to him and has signed tons of autographed, especially for kids. There is talk among some of the wrestlers that are wondering what Warrior will say during his speech tonight. Many guys on the roster grew up as fans of Warrior.

Scott Hall has been very gracious to fans and has taken tons of photos with fans that ask. Very happy to see that he’s turned his life around. He seemed 100 percent sober.

Carlito was telling fans that he would be sticking around for WrestleMania. When someone asked if he would participate in the battle royal he gave a smirk and did not give a direct answer.

There is lots of buzz from fans about CM Punk even though, as Ryan reported, Punk is not in New Orleans (at least as of last night). 

TV and movie producer Jeff Bowler was seen with some of the WWE executives. Jeff Bowler was an executive for the company in the early 2000s.

If you haven’t watched the post shows or the WrestleMania Today episodes, I’d suggest watching tonight’s episode. They are really good and they did a fantastic job on the Daniel Bryan video. Alex Riley does an excellent job as well. The show is very well done so kudos to the crew for that.

Ric Flair got extremely emotional during the Legends of WrestleMania live roundtable last night. They were talking about final career matches at WrestleMania and Michael Cole talked about Ric Flair’s family being there in 2008 for Flair’s last WWE match. Flair choked up and cried when he talked about his son Reid. Reid died a year ago this week. Flair said that Reid was a big fan of Shawn Michaels.

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