Omos: I Wish I Could Have Wrestled The Undertaker


Omos has shared the ring with some of the top names in WWE today, but the Nigerian Giant wishes he could have faced The Undertaker.

It was mere weeks after Omos was brought to RAW as the henchman of AJ Styles that The Undertaker had his ‘Final Farwell,’ ending his career at Survivor Series 2020.


Speaking on the “DC101” radio station, Omos was asked which star from the past he would have loved to have faced, and the answer was obvious. He said,

“Obviously The Undertaker. Oh my goodness! I would have loved to get in the ring with him. I would have loved to get in the ring with him and get to share the ring with him and just be in there.”

Omos is a huge fan of the Phenom, who shared his own praise for the former RAW Tag Team Champion in November 2021.

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