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Paul Heyman Says Vince McMahon Has A ‘Rip The Band-Aid Off’ Mentality


During a recent interview with Ariel Helwani for BT Sport, Paul Heyman commented on what it’s like working for Vince McMahon and how Vince likes to take a “do it now” approach, saying “And much like everything else in this company, most of the culture is dictated by the chairman of the board, Vincent Kennedy McMahon.”

Heyman continued, “Vincent Kennedy McMahon’s mindset is always, rip the Band-Aid off. [He’ll say] ‘Well what do we have to do this?’ ‘Well, you know, Vince, it’s going to be a slow process, and I think we’re going to get the glasses off of Helwani. And he’s going to get Lasik surgery, and he’ll probably want to do this around February. You know, February because glasses will be in… it’ll match his winter coats.’

[Vince will say] ‘Wait a minute. Helwani’s going to take off his glasses and get Lasik surgery, not wear glasses anymore?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘And do Lasik and not wear glasses anymore.’ ‘Yes’ [claps] ‘Thursday!’ …There is no time now, rip the Band-aid off.’

If you know you’re gonna do it, if you know that those glasses are coming off. If you know you’re not going to wear glasses on the air anymore as of February, the culture here is ‘Do it yesterday.’”

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