Petey Williams Says Scott Steiner Was In On His ‘Steiner Math’ Promo


Petey Williams recently spoke with Metro and commented on Scott Steiner being in on the joke in regards to his “Steiner Math” promo. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On Steiner being aware of the joke for Steiner Math: “He gets it. He’ll never let on that he gets it. We did a show in 2019 in California. It was myself, Jordynne Grace and Steiner, we were doing the Steiner gimmick. When he went out – obviously, we wrote this script. “Scott, you’re gonna cut a promo”, and he’s like, ‘Alright. Can I swear?’ And I’m like… ‘Try to be as much like Scott Steiner as you can. That’s all I’m gonna say – we’ll leave it up to you!’ So he’s got a good time for his promo, five minutes or something. He knows. He started doing math right away. First, he said ‘all my freaks’ and all that, and then he said, ‘there’s three of us’ and the math! ‘That makes it 141 2/3% chance of winning’. As soon as he hit that line, everyone went nuts! Steiner gets it! He knows that that’s his gimmick.”


On Steiner leaning into being a comedy guy now: “He’ll never let onto it because he’s Freakzilla, Big Poppa Pump, you’re supposed to be afraid of him – he’s never been a comedy guy. But he’s transitioned into this comedy guy, we laugh at the math now! He gets it, he knows how to monetizeO it, and he’s doing a great job with it.”

On working as a producer: “What really drives me – I like producing. I’ll give you an example, I really like producing certain people’s matches, Rich Swann’s one of them. I am definitely not as athletic as Rich Swann. He can do so many things that I can only dream up in my head to do. So, when I’m producing his match I’ll even say, “Hey Rich, what do you think of this?” Because if I had his ability, that’s something I would do – and I’ll put things in his head. I like that, it’s almost like I’m living vicariously through these guys I can’t be like. So, I love paying it forward, making it sure that those guys are having the best matches they can possibly have, and building their best characters.”

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