Priscilla Kelly Pukes On Joey Ryan’s “Package” During A Match


Both Joey Ryan and Priscilla Kelly have been making waves on the Indy wrestling scene as of late. A few months ago, Priscilla Kelly competed in the WWE Mae Young Classic and also became internet famous after utilizing her used tampon to secure a win against an unlucky opponent during an indy match. Clearly the backlash she faced from this spot didn’t stop her from another NSFW moment, as adult film sponsored Joey Ryan became the next victim of her disgusting spots.


During their match at Quintessential Pro Wrestling (QPW), Ryan picked up Kelly for the “airplane spin”. After letting Kelly down, she appeared excessively dizzy allowing Joey Ryan to set her up for his finisher. As he went for it, Kelly leaned over and vomited onto the downstairs regions of Ryan. Ryan was clearly grossed out and backed up attempting to clean himself off. In an attempt to do so, Kelly was able to big up the huge victory.

Because the video is NSFW, you can view it by clicking the link below-


In response to the situation, Ryan claims he may stop using the airplane spin as well as captioning his tweet, “RIP Wrestling.”



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