Joey Ryan Reflects on His ‘Resurrection’ at All In


Joey Ryan recently spoke to Sports Illustrated about a multitude of topics. ‘The King of Dong Style’ took some time to reflect on his All In “resurrection” which took place in front of 10,000 people at Sears Centre in Chicago, Illinois:

“Well, 10,000 people were chanting ‘Rest in Penis.’ That tells me it couldn’t have gone any better.
“It was a really cool moment, and that was all storyline from ‘Being The Elite.’ Hangman and I still haven’t had a real match against each other. It was all emotional investment in what we did on the storytelling side.”

Joey also took some time to discuss why he hasn’t signed to All Elite Wrestling in spite of it seeming like an obvious fit:

“I’m currently under a Lucha Underground contract, so I can’t negotiate with any other promotion. When I’m a free agent, I’ll definitely listen to all offers.”

Joey also discusses Bar Wrestling, an upcoming match with Priscilla Kelly, and more. To read the full interview, click here.

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