Rene Dupree – ‘Batista Was A “Pr*ck” To Me Because The Divas Liked Me’


Former WWE Superstar Rene Dupree has said that Dave Batista was a “pr*ck” to him in WWE because the Divas were interested in the Frenchman.

Dupree debuted on WWE’s main roster in 2003 and for over a decade, was the youngest-ever champion in WWE after winning the World Tag Team Titles at the age of 19.


During a recent episode of his “Cafe de Rene” podcast, Dupree disclosed why he had heat with Batista backstage in the company. He said,

“I had heat with him because he was a pr*ck to me. I remember one time now, like he’s gone on record and said his addiction was women, right? And he slept with a lot of the Divas, right? Well, before I left when I started growing my hair out and I got like not as heavy, not as bulky, and more.

“Yeah, a lot of the girls were giving me attention and he didn’t like that. I remember one time like right before I left, it was me, I think Spanky, that’s Brian Kendrick, maybe Paul [London], a bunch of young guys, right? He goes and shakes everybody’s hand but he doesn’t shake mine. Yeah, f**k you Dave. F**king idiot. You suck as a wrestler.”

Dupree was granted his release from WWE in mid-2007 and has said that the Chris Benoit tragedy played a large role in his decision to request his release.

Batista would leave WWE in 2010 but would make in-ring returns in both 2014 and 2019.

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