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NewsReport - New 'WWE Speed' Concept Takes Place Prior To SmackDown

Report – New ‘WWE Speed’ Concept Takes Place Prior To SmackDown



Prior to Friday night’s SmackDown TV tapings in Green Bay, WI, WWE taped matches for a new concept titled “WWE Speed.”

At the TV tapings, Axiom faced off against Cedric Alexander while Nathan Frazer took on Bronson Reed. It is said that both matches were part of a point-based system with a five-minute time limit.

Bronson Reed wound up winning his match. As of this writing, there is no word on who won between Axiom and Alexander.

There was a “WWE Speed” logo featured on the side of the ring while the matches were being taped.

It is said that the belief is that talents compete against each other (and a clock) for the fastest amount of pinfalls during the five-minute timeframe given. The clock counts down on the screen for fans to see.

The winners of the match earn a point and the losers lose a point. There is no point awarded in the case of a tie.

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