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NewsReport - WWE Issuing ‘Violations’ For Social Media Posts That Reference Third...

Report – WWE Issuing ‘Violations’ For Social Media Posts That Reference Third Parties



According to a report from, WWE has started to issue “violations” to talent who name third party businesses, people, brand or charities on their Twitter, Instagram, and other social media accounts. WWE is currently claiming ownership of their talent’s Twitter and Instagram accounts. The ownership comes from a clause in their contracts that gives WWE exclusive use of their likenesses.

Of course, it was reported back in September that WWE began restricting their talent from using third-party platforms, including Twitch and Cameo. This new edict forced several WWE Superstars to shut down their Twitch accounts. It also led to Zelina Vega being fired.

As of now, the violations start with a warning. They then result in a fine for the second violation and then a suspension for the third. As of this writing, there is no word on how restrictive this is or if this in relation to sponsored posts. According to the report, it’s been made very clear to talent who have complained that the current “flexibility” that has been allowed in posts on social media could be retracted by WWE.

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