RETRIBUTION Members Get Their Official Main Roster Names – Details


During Monday night’s WWE RAW broadcast, several members of the RETRIBUTION stable got some new names and they haven’t gone over well with the fans online.

During the main event of Monday’s RAW, the three men in the RETRIBUTION group were referred to as MACE, T-BAR and SLAPJACK. Dio Maddin is going by “MACE” and Dominik Dijakovic is going by “T-BAR”. Shane Thorne is now being referred to as “SLAPJACK.”

RETRIBUTION lost their match to The Hurt Business by DQ after T-BAR (Dijakovic) hit Lashley in the face with a right hand.

As of now, there is no word on what the names of Mia Yim and Mercedes Martinez will be but if the names given out on Monday night are any indication – they won’t be very good!

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