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Rey Mysterio Thinks Cain Velasquez Will Be ‘Great’ in the Ring


WWE star Rey Mysterio was recently interviewed by BT Sport to talk about several professional wrestling topics.

Here are the highlights:

Believing Cain Velasquez could “shock the world” if he decides to do pro wrestling full-time:

We had a couple of opportunities to train down in San Diego where my son trains as well, and he loved it. He’s another guy that I think is gonna shock the world when he takes this on full time. I know he’s been away right now for a minute, but once he sets foot back in that ring, he loves that lucha libre style, and he’s very agile for his size.

I think he’s gonna be a great one in the ring. I can’t wait to see that full transition. Right now, we’re just kind of seeing teasers, but once he sets his mind and he wants to do something, he doesn’t stop until he accomplishes it.

His reaction to Velasquez’s performance at the AAA show last year:

He claims that he was a wrestling fan since he was a kid. He grew not too far away from San Diego across the border from Arizona, but he grew up watching lucha libre. We talked about Mexican legends like El Santo and Blue Demon and that was the first style of wrestling that he saw so it stuck with him. Still to this day.

I saw the show where he was wearing a mask, and he was doing a lot of lucha moves. I’m like, ‘is that Cain? Really?’ He’s incredible man like I said I can’t wait for him to take his position like how he wants to take it and just dominate the sport like he did in MMA.

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H/T Wrestling Inc. for the transcriptions

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