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Rhea Ripley – ‘It Was Hard To Re-Establish The Judgment Day Without Edge’



WWE Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley has spoken about re-establishing The Judgment Day following the departure of Edge.

Edge, the founder of the group, exited the group relatively soon after the faction came together, reportedly after being opposed to ‘supernatural’ plans for the group.

Speaking to India Today, Ripley addressed transitioning away from Edge. She said,

“I think we just all felt the same way. It was hard at the start because we started with Edge, then we took Edge out because we didn’t like being bossed around and we took Finn in. Unfortunately, as soon as we did that, I got injured. I got taken out for a bit. So I wasn’t there to be there with the boys and build this new Judgment Day that we were trying to make and accomplish and put over for the crowd.”

The Judgment Day has proven to be a runaway success, with all members now holding championship gold, and Damian Priest holding the Money in the Bank briefcase.

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