Rhyno Discusses Leaving WWE Despite Being Offered Big Money


Current Impact Wrestling star, Rhyno, recently spoke with Wrestling Inc.’s Andy Malnoske about his career in pro wrestling.

During the interview, he talked about turning down big money to stay with WWE in order to pursue an active in-ring career. 

“It was a great experience with WWE; they treated me great. I enjoyed wrestling with [Heath] Slater, tagging with Slater, traveling with Slater, he’s got kids,” Rhyno said with a smirk. “And you know, we talked about re-signing and they offered me more than double what I was making. Way more than double.

“I just didn’t want to – because there’s a lot of men and women there, my job is to try and help the younger talent out and try to discover guys like The Rock, the next Stone Cold, and all that. And I think I can service the wrestling business more on a level like Impact Wrestling and on the independent scene too. So it’s very important for guys that have been wrestling for so many years to help out the younger generation because the guys that came before me helped me out a lot.”

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