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NewsRoH Star Dalton Castle on Samoa Joe's praise, his current contract and...

RoH Star Dalton Castle on Samoa Joe’s praise, his current contract and more



Current RoH star and rumored WWE prospect Dalton Castle recently spoke with the Huffington Post UK’s Royal Ramblings column. He gave his reaction to Samoa Joe’s suggestion that WWE should sign him and explained his current contract is just an extension. You can read the full interview here, with selected highlights below:

Samoa Joe recently mentioned you as someone WWE should sign. What’s your reaction to that?

It’s very flattering. I’ve certainly met Joe a couple of times but I had no idea that I’d left a memorable mark in his brain. It’s wonderful to know that he thinks highly of me, in that kind of manner. I’m only going there if I’m guaranteed I’m fighting Joe!

There were rumors you would leave RoH but you re-signed. What motivated that decision?

Well, I did just a short extension at the moment. They laid something out for me, where I didn’t think the time was right to leave just yet. I don’t know what the future holds for me but it really was just a short extension. When we come to the end of that, pretty soon, we’ll go back to the drawing table and see what I end up with

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