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NewsROHDante Martin Didn’t Feel Broken Bone Injury At ROH Supercard Of Honor

Dante Martin Didn’t Feel Broken Bone Injury At ROH Supercard Of Honor



Dante Martin was sidelined for eight months following ROH Supercard of Honor 2023, where he suffered a broken fibula and dislocated ankle.

Martin finally returned to AEW/ROH programming at the end of November.

On a recent edition of the “Talk Is Jericho” podcast, Martin revealed that he didn’t feel the injury when it happened due to the adrenaline rush.

He said, “Luckily, I had the adrenaline going. As soon as it happened, weirdly, I looked at it, and it felt like I was in a dream. I took a Canadian (destroyer) off the top rope through four stacked tables. My left leg hit the ground slightly before my right. I had a broken fibula and a dislocated ankle. Super weird because the first thing I did was look at it, and you can see me roll over to my butt and, I tried to put it back. Doc Sampson, luckily we had Doc come running over, ‘No, no. no, don’t touch it.’ It felt like I was in a dream because I wasn’t feeling anything, the adrenline was going. Originally, I thought of the Anderson Silva leg break. I thought, ‘he did that and fought for another seven or eight years. I think I can wrestle again.’ I go to the hospital and they were super good there. I was out of the hospital in three hours. They put my ankle back in and they hadn’t seen the broken fibula yet, it was just a crack. It was in a compound fracture. I went back and was chilling with everyone, ‘Hey guys, I’m okay.’ I had to wait five days because my leg was in a splint in LA and I ended up flying back, getting another x-ray, ‘Yeah, your fibula is broken as well.’ ‘Ah man, am I going to need surgery?’ ‘Yeah.’ I have a plate and eight screws in there now. Now, I’m feeling 100% and feeling maybe 110% because the titanium is really stronger. It’s almost stronger than my bone. It’s going to be hard to break it again.“

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