Roxanne Perez On Her New Character, Xavier Woods Wants Chad Gable To Get More Recognition


On a recent edition of the “Sports Guys Talk Wrestling” podcast, Roxanne Perez spoke about her recent character change on the NXT brand.

Perez noted that the loss of the NXT Women’s Championship caused her to embrace a more aggressive persona, and she hinted at events unfolding further at the 2023 WWE NXT Great American Bash pay-per-view event. She said,


“When I first got here, I was just very happy to be here. I knew who I was on the independent scene, but I was really trying to find who I was in the WWE. I think that I realized that people think I’m an easy target, regardless of the things that I’ve been able to accomplish. So I think finding that aggression in me, and I think losing the NXT Women’s Championship really triggered that aggression. The fact that Blair Davenport keeps poking at me, thinking I’m not going to retaliate, thinking I’m just this nice little girl, well something is coming for her this Sunday.”

In a recent appearance on the “Superstar Crossover” podcast, Xavier Woods addressed an inquiry about underrated talent in the wrestling industry.

Woods claimed that Chad Gable deserves more focus, based on his skillset, talent, and training. He said,

“Gable. It’s very true. There are a lot of very underrated people and not to get on a weird high horse, I don’t believe that wrestling owes you anything. You know, wrestling is its entity in itself. We’re all trying to be the absolute best that we can be. We all want a shot. We all want to be on camera. We all want to have these long, grueling matches to show everybody how hard we’ve worked and what we’ve been able to do. I think that they’re right now, especially right now, not just in WWE, but in all of wrestling. I don’t think that there’s been a time where there have been more talented people across the board in this industry ever. That’s not a slight on the previous generation, but I do believe that the generation that comes before you, it’s their job to help you become the best generation of all time. So it’s our job to make the next generation the best generation of all time so that things get better for the boys for the girls and for the fans as well. So, right now seeing as many people that are as talented as they are in this industry, it makes me so happy for the future of what we have as wrestlers, to see people grow. For me, personally, I want to see Chad Gable get a spotlight because he just deserves one. He’s a guy who came in, an Olympic-level wrestler, and fell into this and learned quick, and his athletic, agile, smart, creative, all of these things. So my vote is for Gable. That’s a very long-winded way to say that.”

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