Rumor: WWE’s Initial Plan for First Female Match in Saudi Arabia


With the news breaking of WWE Superstar Natalya being the first female Superstar to fly over to Saudi Arabia, we now have some insight on what may have been the plan for the first ever WWE women’s match in Saudi Arabia.

According to WrestleVotes on Twitter, there was a tentative plan months ago for Nia Jax and Natalya to compete in the first ever women’s match in Saudi Arabia. There could be many reasons that this did not occur, the most obvious of which being that Nia Jax had to undergo knee surgery:

Ever since WWE started doing the shows in Saudi Arabia, the issue of the forbidden nature of female performers was a huge hot-button issue for critics of WWE’s partnership with the Saudi Arabian Sports Commission. WWE has maintained that they want to be agents of change in the country and have promised to have a women’s match in the country sooner than later.

The Nia Jax/Natalya matchup would have made a lot of sense given the pride both women have representing very storied families in the industry.

Should Natalya actually be flying over for a match, who would you like to see her compete against?

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