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Sabu Pitches His Final Match Ever Against HOOK, Dark Side Of The Ring News, More



Season four of VICE’s Dark Side of the Ring will be added to Hulu this Thursday.

The following matches will be taking place on this weekend’s episode of WOW – Women of Wrestling:

* Miami’s Sweet Heat vs. Las Bandidas (The Mother Truckers will handcuff themselves to managers Lana Star and Sophia Lopez)
* G.I. Jane and The Classmaster vs. The Tonga Twins

During a recent interview with “Title Match Network,” ECW legend Sabu revealed that he’d be interested in facing HOOK for the FTW Title in his final match. He said,

“I thought it was awesome. I thought it was awesome. Would have been better if he came out with me. He came out, and he had a surprise, and it ended with all of us. I wanted him to win the FTW belt, give it to me, and then in my final match, I lose it back to HOOK. I didn’t say it to nobody, that’s just my thought. I like HOOK, he’s a good guy, a good kid, very respectful. Needs to gain some weight, of course, and experience, but I think he has a good future. It would be my pleasure to help him.“

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