Sami Zayn Doesn’t Believe His Feud With Kevin Owens Is Over


Sami Zayn talked with RauteMusik for a new interview. You can check out the video and highlights below

On his rivalry with Kevin Owens: “Here’s the thing. The one thing I’ve learned about my rivalry with Kevin Owens over the last year is to never say it’s over because every time I think it’s over, it’s not. So it’s over for now and we’ve closed that chapter. There [have] been many, many chapters to our rivalry, but that’s done for now. Do I think, eventually, we’ve cross paths again? Yes, there’s almost no question about it. I’ll be in the WWE, hopefully, for years to come and so will he, so, inevitably, our paths will cross again. But the last couple of years, if you actually factor in NXT, but just these last seven months from the Royal Rumble till now, till Battleground, we finally closed that book, closed the chapter, was really, really kind of special because for years and years, having this rivalry and taking it all over the independents, all over the world, to finally take it to the biggest stage, which is WWE, and having that big match at Battleground was really, really meaningful because a lot of the big matches that we had were on independents that most people will never see. So to have a match as big as the one at Battleground, which will live on forever on DVD, or on the [WWE] Network, or whatever. That’s going to stand the test of time, so that part of it is very rewarding. But is it the end? Probably not.”

On his objectives in WWE: “My eyes are focused forwards toward the Universal title and World title and being in the ring with guys like Roman, and Seth, and even Brock, whoever. I’m looking to be as close to the top of the card as possible. And I don’t think I actually classify as a cruiserweight anymore because I weigh in at 210 [lbs.], 212. I think the cruiserweight cutoff is 205, 200 [lbs.], I don’t know. So I don’t think I fit right there. It’s a weird dynamic because there are a lot of great guys that I would like to wrestle in the cruiserweight division. I think most of my career I came up as a cruiserweight, but now, at this stage of my career, and especially after that rivalry with Kevin Owens, I’d like to look forward and I know in my heart that I could, and not only that, should belong at the top of the card.”

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