Sami Zayn Talks About His Interaction With Scary Spice & More


WWE Superstar Sami Zayn was a guest on the After The Bell with Corey Graves podcast as he talked about his interaction with Scary Spice from The Spice Girls, and what he likes most about the WWE product. You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On his interaction with Scary Spice at a recent WWE live event in England: “What happened is I got knocked to the floor during my match and I’m used to some people, especially because I’m an antagonizer, Sami Zayn gets the crowd riled up a bit before the match especially with a microphone and all that. So, I’m expecting a few comments when I’m knocked on the floor at ringside momentarily. But I’m hearing some particular vitriol from over here when I’m on the floor and I’m not really realizing who it is at the moment but they’re really on my ass. So, I’m doing a bit of backtalk. It was like ‘get up’ or ‘get up, you’re a coward’ and I’m saying ‘hey man, I’m hurt give me a second, you don’t know what it’s like, I’m in pain right now.’ Then that’s when the line was uttered by Scary Spice, under her breath mind you. She was in the front row and it was almost like she knelt down and whispered in my ear ‘I know what you know what you’re being right now.’ I demanded an apology on social media. I still haven’t received one.”

On what he enjoys most about the WWE product right now: “I guess it’s a positive and a negative depending on how you look at it, but the uncertainty of the moment I think is interesting. I think that’s what fans want the most, putting my own fan thinking cap on. You don’t want to be able to call it a month out, you don’t want to be able to call what’s going to happen next week. And now, for example, with the shake-up that just happened at the draft, SmackDown lost a lot of great talents. Great talent, and from a personal point of view, all of my friends, all of my friends just went to RAW. Now you have all this influx of new faces on SmackDown and performers and superstars that are in the process of developing and have a chance to step into a role. For me, that’s exciting to kind of see who’s going to end up where, I don’t think that’s me as a performer, I think that’s me as a fan. The uncertainty of not knowing what’s going to happen next and who’s going to land where on the totem pole, that’s what’s exciting to me both as a performer and a fan. The uncertainty is a crucial aspect of what we do.”

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