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Saraya Was Miserable & Depressed By The End Of Her WWE Run



AEW’s Saraya has opened up about the difficult place she was in emotionally by the end of her time with WWE.

The former Paige left WWE in July 2022 after her contract expired and the company opted not to renew her deal.

Speaking to the “Mark Hoke Show,” Saraya spoke about not being used near the end of her time with WWE and how it affected her. She said,

“I was doing Twitch but I was also being held back so much when I was in the WWE because they just didn’t give me the freedom to do what I wanted to do, to even try and find something else that could potentially fill that void and then also, they didn’t want me doing media, they didn’t want me to do anything so I was sitting on my ass for a couple years and people thought I enjoyed that.

“No, I hated that. I was miserable, it made me very depressed. Not to the point where I started doing drugs and drinking again because I was a lot smarter by that point but it would make me so miserable, like not being able to do anything.”

Saraya would join AEW in September 2022 and has been allowed to compete as part of the promotion.

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