Scott Steiner Goes Off Again – Read The Latest


Scott Steiner continued his rant over Twitter at TNA and Eric Bischoff, which shows no signs of abating anytime soon. Check out some highlights:

With eric bn gone chant 609 when garrett is in the ring

Instead of getting rid of the guys who are the problem they keep paying hogan n b-tchoff n try

To save money else where,they no longer fly Taz n Tenay in for the tapings they

Do voice overs in nashville..i betcha eric will try n replace them/one bn himself/

Saying hes saving the company money

As i tweeted 3 wks ago jeremy Borash was the other guy that b-tchoff ripped on social

Media which alot of guys came to his defense and called eric a piece of sh-t,so he realize he got heat so thats where

That segment came from when Jeremy calld him out on open fight night tryin to defuse the heat by

Putting it on the show,which then 609Garrett came out at the end of show to save the bullsh-t

The thing is Borash has done more for TNA than b-tchoff has,and hes bn there since the beginning,

And the last time i checkd all b-tchoff does is kill the ratings,and as bad as it is with him pushing his son

The original plan was much worse,hogan n b—hoff sons were going to wrestling camp at same time

Thank god hogans son has his p-ssy genes and quit otherwise the fans would have to suffer with

These 2 a–holes nepotism’s their non athletic sons to the top,as soon as b—hoff leaves TNA,609Garrett

Career will be over,bcuz guys will kick his a– out of spite bcuz Eric is such a piece of sh-t

Here’s Scott Steiner speaking with LAW Radio about his recent Twitter rants against TNA and Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff, and Bruce Pritchard:

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