Chris Dickinson Signs New Contract With NJPW

Second Woman Accuses Chris Dickinson Of Physical & Mental Abuse


UPDATE: A second woman has come forward to accuse Chris Dickinson of physical and mental abuse.

While the woman doesn’t mention Dickinson by name, she makes it abundantly clear that it’s him who she’s talking about.


As we reported earlier (see original report below), Christina Von Eerie took to Facebook and issued a long statement regarding claims of abuse by the NJPW and GCW wrestler.

Dickinson later issued a statement of his own where he said Von Eerie’s comments were “false” and he plans to “pursue all legal options”.

The latest woman to accuse Dickinson of abuse wrote the following,

“I wasn’t sure about doing this. I’m scared. I’m anxious. I don’t know Christina. I’ve heard a lot about her. I am scared to share my story but I can’t sit there and watch her get called a liar when I know everything she said about him is 100% true. Reading what she posted triggered so many emotions for me. Sadness. Anger. Validation. I could hear his voice in that vicious tone he speaks. There was so many similarities in her story to what I went through. Including all his thoughts on females in wrestling. He would brag about ruining Christina’s career. ‘I’ll ruin you like I ruined her, you are nothing without me.’ He didn’t like me being involved with anything wrestling.

When we broke up, I went MIA on the internet. I found out he was following me on a secret account – screenshotting things I liked and acting like a friend sent it to him. I felt violated. I couldn’t handle it. Even with him blocked on all social media. I didn’t want him to know about me. Nothing he could use against me. When asked about my life, I lied and kept it secret for fear of retaliation from him. I did less with wrestling because I was scared to interact with him in person. He doesn’t want his partner to be more successful than him. Anything bad that happens to him isn’t his fault. It’s ours. I was a shell of myself. Rebuilding from years of love bombing followed by mental abuse. On the outside I looked fine but inside I was slowly dying because I didn’t feel like me anymore.

I could go on for hours about the amount of f*cked up things that happened. It took me a long time to understand the level of abuse he did to me. A big reason I never said anything was his family. He has the most amazing family in the world. Kind. Generous. I loved them more than anything. I never wanted to hurt them and it breaks my heart knowing they have to go through any of this. I also think it’s one of his manipulations. He knows we get attached to them and uses it against us. I look back now and I can’t believe the vile things I let happen. That I put up with. Yeah there was some physical stuff but he makes it feel like no big deal. ‘Oh I lightly pushed you into the wall.’ ‘I just threw a water bottle at you, it’s not a big deal, not like I hit you.’ He breaks sh*t all the time. Especially things you care about. The worst thing he does is mental. His mental abuse is real. It’s traumatizing. He knows you love and care about him. He makes you think he just loves you so much that it’s passion. I’m in therapy. I’m trying to have a healthy relationship with someone who isn’t abusive and I am really understanding the trauma he left on me.

I never thought I’d be this girl. I never thought it could happen to me. It did. I know people on the internet are going to say I’m lying. I know he will deny it. I’m sure he may even come out trying to attack me. He used to always say, ‘If I go down, you go down with me.’ Constant threats if I was to speak out about what he would do to me. But I know what’s real. My story is real. Her story is real. Any other girl who he has done harm to. I believe you. I know he has a file of any girl he’s been involved with that has ‘photos’ to use against them. (Totally normal, right?)

I see people ask her what she wants out of sharing her story. Well I’ll answer that for me. I just want AWARENESS. I’m not trying to cancel him. I’m not trying to tell promoters not to book him. I’m not trying to tell fans to turn on him. If you want to separate the wrestling persona from the real person that’s okay. But DON’T attack her or me or anyone because you want to think it’s false. It’s not. There are other victims out there who chose not to speak out but have reached out and I’m doing this for them. I am doing this for the girl who may be in his trap now. I am doing it to tell her it’s okay to leave because it isn’t ever going to get any better. I shouldn’t have to share intimate details of my life to everyone but I will for her. I will show people so they know what she says is real.

I push everyone to read up on
1. Narcissitic abuse
2. Mental manipulation
3. Gaslighting
4. Trauma bonds
5. Reactive abuse.

These are all real things I’m healing from, especially gaslighting. I also will attach the domestic abuse hotline for anyone who is triggered by this or needs a resource: 1-800-799-7233. Everyone will forget about this in a few days but we won’t. I’m sorry to any girls who have been intimidated by him. Hurt by him. Or scared of him. In any way of life. I send you love. I send his friends love who have to deal with this too. I overall send love and healing to everyone involved.”


ORIGINAL: NJPW star Chris Dickinson has been accused of domestic violence by Christina Von Eerie, who claims that she was abused by Dickinson in a Facebook post.

As a result, Dickinson has removed himself from the GCW event on Saturday night. He said,

I have made the decision to pull myself off of Saturday’s GCW event in Atlantic City. I do not want to serve as a distraction to my peers. The accusations made about me by a former partner are false, and contain multiple defamatory allegations that will be addressed in due time. I do not wish to engage in public discourse on this matter. Instead, I will pursue all legal options afforded to me in an effort to clear my name.

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