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Sabu On No-Showing The Indie Wrestling Hall Of Fame – ‘I Changed My Mind’



As we reported earlier here on eWn, Sabu no-showed the Indie Wrestling Hall of Fame over WrestleMania 40 weekend, with GCW owner Brett Lauderdale saying that the ECW legend refused to get in the elevator and took his deposit money. He wrote,

“He accepted the booking and took the money, but doesn’t wanna get in the elevator and come upstairs. What a legend”

When asked by a fan on Twitter why he did what he did, Sabu simply wrote, “I changed my mind.”

Lauderdale says despite the no-show, there are no hard feelings between the two men. He wrote,

“Just for the record, I have no hard feelings towards Sabu and still have nothing but respect for him as a person and especially as a performer.

The sacrifices he made changed the game (pardon the pun) and many of my favorite memories as a fan are centered around his work.”

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