Seth Rollins Calls Vince McMahon Weird For Not Allowing Him To Use Certain Gear


Seth Rollins recently called WWE CEO Vince McMahon a “weird, old man.”

Why would Seth do that? Well, according to the Universal Champion Vince McMahon will not allow him to wear his white & gold gear from SummerSlam 2015. When asked at a recent signing why that is, Rollins said Vince “doesn’t get it.”

“No. Vince won’t let me wear it. Because he’s a weird old man who doesn’t understand that people think it’s the coolest gear they’ve ever seen. Yeah. He doesn’t get it. I get that question more than anything else. What does that mean? It’s just huge, man. People loved it I think it’s in the archive. I gave it to our archivist guy. He puts it up at all the Axxesses and stuff.”

Credit to Fightful for the quote.

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