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Shelton Benjamin Talks Friendship With Brock Lesnar, Addresses Longtime Rumor


WWE star Shelton Benjamin was recently interviewed by Lilian Garcia on “Chasing Glory” to talk about several professional wrestling topics.

Here are the highlights:

If he and Brock Lesnar were roommates:

Yeah, when he first came to Louisville, we moved in together. Again, when I met Brock, it was like, instantly I liked the guy. He was a big, fun loving dude, you know what I mean? I feel like he was the guy that, if he likes you, he will give you the shirt off his back. If he doesn’t like you, well you will know. And I can respect that. You don’t have to wonder where you stand with him.

But yeah, like anything, especially at that time because, one, I first met him as coach, and it’s instilled in me to help, so we became coach and we became friends, like all out, I would have done anything I could to help him because, one, obviously he was a once in a lifetime athlete. And obviously we didn’t know where this was going, we just thought we’d go, like hey, we’ll go to WWE and get the tag titles, have some fun. Like I said, he was just a guy that you saw something special in him immediately.

If it’s true that WWE signed him because Brock Lesnar told them to:

No, I signed a full year before Brock. Here’s the thing, I don’t know what conversations happened between Brock and WWE because it’s not like we sat down next to each other. I don’t know when they approached Brock with an offer because who knows, maybe someone did talk to him, I really don’t know, but I do know that they did think it was a good idea for us to be there [OVW] together, I know that was always the plan.

If they are still friends:

We’re pretty good friends. I feel like, career paths have kind of split us a bit, and for me, it was a situation where, OK, he’s doing his thing, and he’s doing very well at it, I need to focus on me, I need to do my thing.

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