Shocking Revenue Generated By Paige, Adam Cole & Other Wrestling Stars On Twitch Streams Revealed


How much money do pro wrestling stars make on their Twitch streams?

Now we know!

The BBC released some figures from a 135 GB batch of data that leaked online this week, which includes the streaming platform source code and various pieces of data, including how much money some of the top streamers in the business are earning.

According to data from the leak, which includes revenue generated by Twitch accounts from the period of September 2019 through September 2021, and includes subscription payouts and Bit revenue (but not donations, which is generally another decent source of income for many streamers).

The belief is that subscriptions amount to approximately 30 to 60 percent of the income generated by a streamer.

Featured below are the reported payouts for streamers such as Paige, Adam Cole, Zelina Vega and others.

Twitch Stream Payouts:
Paige: $478,224
Zelina Vega: $341,748
Adam Cole: $318,080
Impact Wrestling: $69,140
Tyler Breeze: $43,755
Evil Uno: $35,742
Colt Cabana: $32,479
Xavier Woods: $25,431

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