Snoop Dogg’s Cousin Lands WWE Deal + 2 WWE Streaks & More


— Ryback and Sheamus are currently in the middle of winning streaks. Ryback has 25 consecutive wins while Sheamus has 14 (televised).

— The Appleton Hub Post has an interview with Brodus Clay in which he compares working with WWE to working as rapper Snoop Dogg’s bodyguard. He said: “Honestly, the biggest thing is that I’m the focus. I’m not focused on somebody else’s well-being and watching somebody else. I’m basically taking care of myself and promoting myself, which is cool. You’re basically your own boss. … It’s a lot more freedom, a lot more responsibility. I think whenever you’re policing yourself, it’s always a lot tougher because if you’re watching somebody else they’ll tell you exactly what they want, but sometimes it’s hard to tell yourself what you want. I like the freedom (with WWE) and the opportunity for individual achievement is obviously a tremendous leap and far more important.”

— In a related story, Snoop Dogg’s first cousin is current WWE developmental Diva Mercedes KV.

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