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NewsSonny Kiss - 'CM Punk Was Very Nice And Kind To Me'

Sonny Kiss – ‘CM Punk Was Very Nice And Kind To Me’



On a recent edition of “The Ten Count” podcast, Impact Wrestling star Sonny Kiss offered her perspective on working with CM Punk in AEW, noting that she never had any difficulties with the former AEW World Champion.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On her own background with Punk: “Like I said, he’s been nice to me. The first day I saw [when] he came to AEW, he pulled me aside and he was just asking me questions. He was just like, you know, ‘I want to be respectful of you so how do I address you,’ and things like that. He was very kind to me and yeah I think that’s amazing for him, so good for him, that’s so cool.”

On Punk’s return to WWE: “That was really, really cool to see Punk have that return. He’s very polarizing in pro wrestling, but, you know, I think Cody said it best — what’s good for business is what’s good for business. If he’s going to elevate the company, why not?”

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