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NewsSummer Rae Wanted To Work With AJ Lee, WWE Always Said 'No'

Summer Rae Wanted To Work With AJ Lee, WWE Always Said ‘No’



While Summer Rae and AJ Lee never got the opportunity to work together in WWE, the latter repeatedly pitched for it to happen and was always told “no” by Vince McMahon and others.

Speaking on a recent “Golden Ring Collectibles” virtual signing, Summer Rae revealed that AJ Lee made several pitches back in 2013 for the two women to work together, but they were always shot down. She said,

“AJ did ask to work me multiple times and they didn’t give it to her. AJ was kind of working the same people over and over, and we had one match on “Superstars” or something. Because I was so tall, I could base her for a lot of her lucha and high flying stuff. She just really liked working with me, and she didn’t think I had a shot, like I wasn’t given a shot. She asked Vince and she asked a lot of people, and they just said ‘No.’”

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