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NewsTaya Valkyrie Discusses A Potential Wrestling Supershow, Dream Matches

Taya Valkyrie Discusses A Potential Wrestling Supershow, Dream Matches



Prior to her NWA Women’s World Championship match with Kamille at tonight’s NWA 74 pay-per-view event, Taya Valkyrie appeared on the “Battleground Podcast” to discuss a potential wrestling Supershow to allow for multiple dream matches, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On a possible wrestling Supershow: “I think that would be amazing because it allows for dream matches that maybe people thought were impossible. So I would absolutely be open to doing something like that. I feel that’s what’s so cool about the wrestling industry right now.”

On wrestling being able to work in multiple promotions: “The fact that we are able to play in all the sandboxes, and we are able to have all these dream matches. The way that I’m able to be on MLW, on Impact, and NWA, and be in all these places at once. That wasn’t the case even three years ago. You couldn’t do that. It’s really different now, so it’s very cool. If there was a show like that, 100% count me in.”

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